Friday, September 18, 2009

Pyramid Progress

I've got the 8 10" by 5" triangles drawn out on the 1/4" plywood, plus 2 of the strips that will attach to the bottom of the triangle pairs to stiffen them. Tomorrow comes cutting them out with a jigsaw and the designing of the motor mount.

I used a bit of epoxy clay to stiffen the broken boom of the SpaceShipOne. It's now safe for flight again - I'll use a C6-3 and a 16" nylon chute and plenty of recovery space. I also tried repairing an old rubix cube with the epoxy clay, but the bond wasn't good and about halfway through the second test solve it fell apart.

The wood glue coating of the Orbital Transport is nearly complete. The underside of the port wing-fin is drying; after that all I have to do is the two small fins on the bottom and the edges of the wing-fins, and then it'll be fully colored with a shiny smooth paintable finish!

Adding commented code for TI-RASP to the document continues. Hopefully I'll finish it within a week.

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