Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Rocket Vendor

Odd'l Rockets, which has just joined the World Wide Weird, is a new vendor which sells some pretty cool-looking odd-rocs.

Their current selection of three kits includes a 13mm badmiton birdie rocket, a 13mm Sputnik with a 3" foam ball body predrilled for the motor mount, legs, and launch lug; and the Breakaway. The Breakaway is much like the old Wacky Wiggler, but with a kevlar cord that won't burn through, plus balsa fins and nose cone. It flies on 18mm motors.

Interestingly, the birdie rocket has both A10-3Ts and A3-2Ts recommended as motors. I think he means A3-4Ts, as the -2 motor hasn't been made for a decade or two.

The designer, Hans Michielssen, has already done some interesting stuff that he's reviewed on EMRR.

Also available are a special spring to use in place of clothespins to hold rockets, especially gliders, up on launch rods, and a ceramic dome deflector to prevent exhaust from bouncing off the deflector and melting the rocket, as well as to provide a non-conductive resting spot for the clips.

Odd'l products are available at Jonrocket.

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@eloh said...

The names sound like "fireworks".