Monday, September 7, 2009

Nylon chutes!

Today I bought lots of nice thin ripstop nylon: 1½ yards of red, 1½ of black, and 3 yards of orange. It was about 7 bucks a yard (60" x 36") but I got it for arouund 30 bucks cause I had a coupon.

So far I've made a 16" octagon (8 shroud lines) and a 42" square (4 lines). The 42" chute is by far my biggest chute; it'll be used for the CATO pumpkin-lofting competition.

Update, 9/8 at 1150 pm: I've since tested both chutes. The 16" chute folds small (easily a 29mm tube, could possibly fit a 24mm tube), unfolds quickly, and looks great. The 42" chute won't fit into much smaller than a 2.6" tube, but it's huge and awesome. It unfolds slowly, but still pretty well, and it's so cool to see it descend really slowly even with 6 oz of weight under it.

I've also got the gores and shroud lines cut for a 30" octagonal chutes. It's got 8 gores, alternating orange and black; it'll have a 1" spill hole in the middle. It'll be my third-largest chute, and my first gored / multiple color nylon chute.

Any other chutes will have to wait for the purchase of more shroud line material.

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