Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Progress on the Pyramid

The single assembled side is complete. I've put 3 total layer of fillets on, and with a bit of tape to hold the glue I made the point nice and perfect and filled with solidified glue. I didn't get to cut anything out today, though.

The motor tube now has fillets on both sides of the centering rings, plus a notch in the forward rings for the kevlar to pass through. The forward end of the tube has been slathered with wood glue to prevent it from bending under thrust.

The outer tube now has the bulkhead thoroughly glued in with fillets on both sides.

I also finished doing the touch-up painting on the SpaceShipOne. All the epoxy clay and bare spots are now nice and white, and the red that scraped off the nose cone has been replaced.

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Dick said...

Here's my 29mm pyramid: