Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I'll probably order

From Apogee:
Madcow Solar Express
PemTech Kraken
Assortment of centering rings, launch lugs, and tube couplers
Estimeted total cost: $95

From Discount Rocketry:
29/40-120 case
E18-4W reloads (3 pack)
F22-5J load
G71-7R load
G75J-M load
Recovery wadding
Estimated total cost: $110.00

That's a lot of money, but for the money I'm getting one motor case, 6 loads, 2 MPR rockets, a bunch of parts, and wadding. I might take out the G75 load, or the Kraken, if I don't wanna spend quite this much.

The DR order might be delayed for a few days because the motor case is out of stock.

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