Saturday, September 12, 2009

30" Chute

After a bit of work, my 30" chute is finished, although not tested. It's made of orange and block gores - 4 of each color - and they're shaped to make it slightly curved when unfolded. There's a 1" spill hole at the center to make the sewing easier and for stability in the air. The seams are double-stitched for strength and to make them flat. The shroud lines are extra-long (90" per line; each is attached to two adjacient corners) so it'll stay open and not twist so much. It folds pretty small - enough to fit in 2.6" and probably even 54mm tubes.

I'll test it tomorrow when the rain stops. Much thanks to my mom for doing all the sewing and hard work.


@eloh said...

I sew...I can just feel the love your mom has for you...sewing parachutes for your rocket love.

High five to your mom.

The EGE said...

Thanks; I'll pass it on. She's not interested much in my flying of the rockets, and my dad usually takes launch pictures for me, so this is her way of being nice and supporting my hobby.