Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy Idea for Competition

Posted to the CATO forums:

Completely crazy idea that's been bouncing aroung for a while and I'd just like to get out there...

Just as a friendly event, try a combination of duration and spot landing. These are both easy enough skills to get at least moderately good at separately, but usually opposite landings - spot landing is close by, and duration well downrange. It'd be open impulse from MMX to G, inclusive - you can land real close with the samller stuff, but a larger rocket will get better duration. it'd also be open to all means of recovery except for R/C controlled gliders.

Scoring would be duration divided by distance from the target, times 100 to make the scores easier to work with. Thus, a 30-second flight landing 150 feet away would score a 20, while a 60-second flight landing at the same distance would get a 40.

I'll be happy to donate a prize if it's worth a try.


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