Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Rocketry Stuff

Rocketry is slow today; it'll go back up once I buy a few things. Madcow Solar Express and possibly another kit from Apogee; 29/40-120 case and a few reloads if Discount Rocketry ever gets it back in stock.

I've got a few scratch builds that I'm currently planning:
  • 10" pyramid for 24mm and 29mm reloads
  • 12" diameter 29mm saucer that can use anything from an E16W to an I200W
  • 24mm diameter cluster of 2 13mm motors - my first cluster
  • 2-finned rocket, which'll be stable by having the fins about 90° apart

I'm currently spreading wood glue on the Orbital Transport in preparation for painting. The glider, main nose cone, and one full wing-fin are complete, with one wing-fin left to go. It'll be painted in white, and the Orbital transport look drawn on with fine-tippens and markers. It should be ready to fly by the Oct. 10th CATO launch.

Finally, I'm currently typing up the code for TIRASP V3.4, the latest version of my rocketry simulation program for the TI-84. It'll be published as a google document and posted on TRF. The document will contain fully commented and explain code, all the motor files plus information of creating custom files to add to your own program, known bugs (currently 2, none very annoying) and more.

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