Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Twofer

Finally, soemthing other than that pyramid!

The Twofer is from the 'let's try crazy S#!+ and see if it works' files. It's a 2x13mm cluster rocket based around a 24mm body tube. the body is flattened at the motor end to accomodate the two 13mm motor tubes. The body is about 15" long, and the nose cone is a 24mm parabolic cone from Apogee.

Oh yeah, it's only gonna have two fins.

The 2-fin concept is based on this rocket from EMRR, which unfortunately never got to fly to prove the concept. I'll be making the fins nice and big. Because they'll be about 60° apart on the body, no matter how you turn it there's still a large amoutn of fin area visible, and therefore corrective force. Compare this to 2 fins located 180° apart, where from side angles there's no correct force.

I've gotten a bit done on it tonight. I put about half an ounce of clay in the nose cone and glued it together, and I cut and glued two 13mm MMT tubes together. I also flattened one end of the body tube and slathered wood glue on it to fix it in that shape.

On the pyramid, I reinforced the square plate that holds the motor mount with wood glue and finished reinfocring the motor tube.


Dick said...

Two odd fins and a cluster? Hmmm

I saw a 2-finned rocket fly last weekend. The two fins were 180 deg apart and were canted so the spin helped with stability. IIRC it was 24mm.

The EGE said...

Cool. I happened to have the 2-fin and cluster ideas separately, and then last week I got the bright idea to combine em.