Friday, September 4, 2009

Epoxy Clay!

Epoxy clay may just have saved two of my favorite rockets from early deaths. First, I put a layer of epoxy to hold the clay in the nose shroud of the Nantucket Sound. This clay flew out on the last flight; the nose shroud was lost and it's temporarily banned till the clay is better held in. I still need to fully cover the clay with epoxy to prevent it from splitting and destroying the shroud, plus to print out and paint a new shroud, but it'll be fliable again within a week.

Second, I put a thin layer of epoxy clay around the edge of the eye bolt in the Mozzie. The internal nut, which is not accessable without destroying part of the nose cone and the plywood retainer disk, has been slightly loose at times. Just as an extra precaution, the layer of epoxy clay will prevent the eyebolt from completely pulling out if the nut fails. It'll stil require major surgery, but at least I'll still have the nose cone.

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