Saturday, April 25, 2009


Various bits and pieces on one of the trifecta of essential activities (eat, sleep, breathe).

I am currently in the throes of what Jeph Jacques terms 'sleep madness'. Basically, My combination of weird sleep schedule and little sleep has screwed with my brain and caused even weirder sleep habits.
I tend to sleep roughly midnight to 630 (or 650) am on school nights, and 2am to 10am on weekends. However, over the last few nights I have't been getting enough sleep, and last night i got just 5 hours. Plus, I had tennis today. That introduces the additional factors of sitting out in the sun for 3 hours (dehydration, messes up my eating schedule), playing for an hour (excercise and dehydration), and the team tradition of engorging at the local fast food joint afterwards (2 cheesburgers, fries, and a medium soda), all of which do crazy things to my sleep schedule.

By the time I got home after the hour bus ride, I was a bit tired. I actually slept from 930 to 1015, and missed part of Numb3rs, dammit. After watching that and getting excited when Youkilis hit a walk-off to beat the Yankees (haha, suckas), I've been wide awake since 11 (it's now 2am). Now I've been eating turkey and drinking milk so I can get to sleep.

Sleeping that 45 minutes this evening was only the third time in recent memory that I've napped. The first was a year ago coming home from a ski trip - two long days of skiing and the relaxing sound of rain outside made it the first time I've ever slept in a car (planes i can sleep in just fine). The second was back in October when I had a nasty coldish thing. I slept for 3 to 5 one afternoon and had an immense fever dream, in which i played a very realistic game of Nethack for 2 hours, until I met an Archon where they don't normally appear and I realized I was in a dream.

Speaking of dreams, I normally have many memorable dreams, but in the last few months I've barely dreamed at all, and I can remember few if any at all. I suspect it's due to a potent combination of stress from school, not enough sleep, eating late at night, and getting more excercise from tennis.

It's now 2:42 and I'm still wide awake, and I'm eating biscuits made in the microwave. Why? Because utter deliciousness waits for no man!

And now I'm actually going to sleep. Good night.

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