Thursday, April 2, 2009

Estes Speaks!

Estes head Barry Tunick answered questions about Estes's future on YORF on Monday. A few highlights:
  • Although Estes will likely sold, consumers won't notice a difference in the company or its products.

  • Estes is not actively consdering reloadable blackpowder motors due to safety concerns (BP crumbles easily), and not APCP composites because they simply can't combine the cheapness and reliability of AT motors.

  • They'll be re-releasing more scale kits like the saturn V, Saturn 1B, and the Maxi Brutes (Honest John, V2, etc).

  • They ARE working on a new propellant, but he didn't provide any details like case sizes, impulse ranges, or if it's the Vulcanite.

  • The rerelease kits will be delayed - August for the classic series and fall for others.

  • He likes lots of motor varieties, and is willing to look into rereleasing the C5-3, A3-2T, and A3-6T, as well as A8-5 bulk packs. The A10-0T and A8-0 WILL be coming bac!

  • Estes doesn't do many gliders, especially rocket gliders, because they're overly complex kits and fail in the mass market.

  • Estes has no problem with sites like JimZ that offer free old Estes plans and instructions and will not make any effort to enforce their copyrights on that matter.

  • They intend to head more towards balsa fins and nose cones. I personally agree mostly, but balsa nose cones are less durable, harder to seal and paint, and more expensive for plastic parts. However, they're lighter, easier to make custom shape from, and, with careful work, easier to get a perfect finish on.

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