Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gotta love ebay

I'm now the proud owner of a complete 29/180 RMS system plus a 29/240 case from Dr. Rockets. After my post last night this morning about RMS cases, I idly went on ebay, and found the perfect item: 29mm forward and aft closures, and 29/180 and 29/240 cases, for 66 bucks plus 7 bucks shipping. A bit pricey, but only about the list price of the 29/180 system, plus I get the 29/240 casing. I need the forward disk, not included in the auction, to use the /240 casing, but it's cheap to buy the disk. Alternatively, if any of my readers want a 29/240 casing for the price of shipping, then drop me a line. You supply the seal disk and closures.
Also, I may buy an 18/20 casing tomorrow.

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