Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bits and pieces

1) I forgot to mention it, but a few posts back I reached post #300. Like Jeph Jacques, I like big round numbers. Future milestones include #314 (100π), 365, and one year (June 10th, a milestone which Mandachan already reached), and 2000 hits. 2000 hits and #314 should come within a week; #365 and one-year will both be in June.

2)My computer is finally back and working right! Thanks to Joe Abele of Abele Tech - he's my dad's office techie and got it all working again. It turns out the beta version of Chrome, which I downloaded on the second day of availability, had caused some registry problems, which in turn crashed my poor laptop a lot. Reminds me a bit of Randall Munroe's mishap. He said that it's okay to install a newer, stable version of Chrome, and indeed, it's nice to be back to the in-browser spell check, intuitive design, and flash capability - IE7 on Vista can't run flash. I also can now print wirelessly, share files between the desktop and my laptop, and safely reinstall Google Earth. Yay!

3) It's raptor awareness day. Carry your sidearms, folks. I have a modified nerf gun sitting next to me as a type.

4) Nathan Fillion has an electric skateboard. Flans and xkcd readers, rejoice! And join me in being envious!

5) The Yankees got beat 22-4 today by the Indians. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Welcome to your new home, idiots.

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