Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Driving #1

Now that I'm 16, I've decided to actually learn how to drive so I can get my driver's licence as soon as I can. I am rather afraid of driving, simply due to the idea of controlling a 2-ton vehicle at high speeds.
I'll make this an occasional series revolving around when I hit milestones in my driving.
I got behind the wheel for the frist and second times on Sunday. I drove around the local elementary and middle school lots, practicing parking, turning, smooth acceleration and deceleration, and so on. I was allowed up to 20 mph [scarily high kinetic energy: 80,000J] once, but otherwise I stayed below 10 mph. I did pretty well, but 3-point turns and backing into spots are still not strong points.
I'm planning to get my permit on Friday so I can legall practice more and go out onto main roads.

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mandachan said...

stop, you're scaring me already ;)
haha jk