Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nantucket Sound Building

I got a lot done on it today. The Nose Cone / light unit is finished - the complex 6-dowel, 2-ring assembly krazy glued together and the dowels painted; the nose shroud formed and painted, and the railing cut, colored, and glued. I'm going for the paint scheme on the face card: yellow light ball, gold roof, white dowels and upper rings, black railing, blue-and-white striped body, and red-brown fins. I also cut, printed and glued the main body shroud; assembled the 16" chute, and glued the two centering rings and 2 of the 4 supports to the BT-55 internal body tube.

I also did some hanging: My Glider 2, SpaceShipOne, and Comanche-3 have joined my twin saucers and Deltie Thunder in the airspace of my room.

This post composed to 'March into the Sea' and 'Dashboard'.

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