Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nantucket Sound complete

After waiting a bazillion hours for the fillets to dry, it's finally complete. I apinted the fins a dark red color, to match the stock scheme. It's nowhere as perfect as the model Jim Flis had at NARCON, but it definitely looks like a lighthouse, will survive the kick of a E18-4T (first flight coming soon), and will get me points on EMRR's Hit List.

Final Dimensions:
13" Tall
5" Base diameter
8.5" Fin span
Internal tube: BT-55
Weight: 2-3 oz
Stability: No idea, but I guess it follows the TLAR (That Looks About Rght) school of stability.

My recommended motors:

Jim Flis recommend the C11, D12, and E9. 4-second delays may be too long on the D15 and E9 and the rocket will arc over a bit beofre deployment. The 24/40 system is a good match for the Sound as it offers a range of D-F motors that work well in the rocket, plus due to its low flights and postitive motor retention you're unlikely to lose the case. The E9 and F32 require leaving out the hook and thus do not have positive motor retention.

If you installed a 29mm motor mount in it, then other awesome motor choices are available. The F Econojets and even single-use Gs would work, although the Gs would leave just 3" for the wading and recovery system and the 1" nose block. 29/60 and 29/100 cases would fit okay, but 29/40-120 and 29/120 cases probably wouldn't leave enough room for a recovery system. A 29/180 case would just fit inside, but literally touch the nose block...
It wouldn't be too hard to modify it for the longer motors - just get a 10" or 12" rather than 8" piece of BT-55, modify the shroud, internal ribs, and launch lug holder a bit, and just have a longer main body. Lughthouses come in all lengths and sizes, so it wouldn't look bad at all. Course, not much looks bad on an H128W...

(All information here will be copied to my EMRR review once I get 3 flights on this baby.)

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