Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Life in Haikus

Too much damn homework
Curse this mind-numbing physics
I hate you, Newton.

My motor spreadsheet
Is up to two hundred now
It will be online soon.

My simulation
program is nearly perfect.
Code will be up soon.

I'm reading a
book on poisons and how they
affect the world.

Apparently, cows
hate getting stoned, so dope plants
produce THC.

I am building a
new rocket; the G80
will send it to Mach.

Modest Mouse is great
for when I am up too late
Sweet music goodness.

Need to go to sleep
Life will unfortunately
Still be going on.

Tennis and Jazz band
after school, but later in the night
more rocket stuff comes.

Upstairs I now go
The glow of christmas lights and
sweet dreams await me.

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