Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mosquito #5

My newest member of the mosquito family is now finished, although not painted. It's built from 18mm tubing, so it's roughly a 1.5x upscale, although it uses 13mm motors. It'll fly to roughly 120 feet on 1/4As, 240 on 1/2A3s, and 500 on full As. With its bright color scheme - the classic red-with-one-yellow-fin - and prange streamer - from my damaged machbuster - it'll be pretty easy to find both in the air and on the ground. its nose cone is balsa, turned on a drill in a vise; the fins are 1/16' balsa and large for its size so it'll be extra stable; and the motor will be held in by masking tape - the motor mount protrudes 1/4" from the body.

It's my second-smallest rocket to pack a full recovery system; the smallest is of course the Crayon with its tiny streamer.

I have 2x (24mm tube and 13mm or 18mm mount) and 2.2x (29mm tube and 18mm mount) versions soon to be made, and I'm considering a 2.5x (BT-55 or 56 with 18mm mount) version as well.

First flight will be at my next launch on a 1/2A3-4T.

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