Sunday, April 19, 2009

High Power Competition

The NAR has released an HPR sporting code here. It's intended for friendly competition at regional launches and not for national or serious competition.
The rules for altitmeters are rather interesting. Any device (motor ejection, accelerometers, magnetic apogee detectors, barometric sensors, and/or GPS) may be used for recovery deployment, but only barometric pressure and GPS altimeters may be used for altitude measurements, and accelerometers for velocity measurement. Altimeters must sample 10+ times per second, ruling out the new Quest altimeter, and flights over 35000 feet (the limit of the common Motorola MPX-4100 series sensors) must use a different sensor or GPS.
Events are :
  • Altitude (H-O classes)

  • Precision Altitude, both preset and set just before launch; H-K classes

  • Timed recovery: H-K classes

  • Multiple (2-6) eggloft; H-K classes

  • Upscale: H-K and L-O classes

  • Velocity: H-O classes

A few notes:
The timed recovery is an interesting idea. The point is to have the rocket fly to as high and altitude as possible, recover safely, and be returned, intact, by foot only (no cars / bikes / ATVs) to the Contest Director. The score equals the altitude (ft) minus the time (min), although the director can modfiy the weighting to put more emphasis on time.
The Upscale competiton involves upscaling a classic kit and flying it, with peoples' choice voting determining the winner based on coolness and resemblance to the original kit. My Mozzie, or the Polecat 5.5" Skeeter I'd like to get, would both be good. An upscale Snitch on a L2 motor would be pretty awesome (BG). Also, as long as recovery is safe, non-chute recovery may be used.

That gives me an evil idea: HPR glide or helocopter competitons. A 10' long, 4" diameter rocket on a M could carry blades better than half the size of a real copter, and with careful work and landing gear (!) and probably RC control larger boost-gliders are feasible. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking a 2x or 3x Deltie Thunder on a G75, or H73, or H112, or even I154 would be AWESOME!

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