Sunday, April 26, 2009


Because I'm too damn lazy to do haikus tonight.

Why? Because my sleep schedule is still screwed up, I spent 3 hours in the car today, and I've got a sore throat to boot. That's why.

In continuing with my random music listening, I'm lisening to the best of Mancini at the moment. The 'Peter Gunn' theme and 'Timothy' are pretty good and 'Baby Elephant Walk' is hilarious. Disappointingly, the Pink Panther theme is not on there.

On a different CD, the march from The Longest Day is awesome, although it gets stuck in your head.

WHAT. is copyright Ryan North.

Congrats to Steve Eves, as his 1/10 scale Saturn V launched perfectly today on its giant 9-motor cluster. It was an absolutely perfect flight, right down the the main bodt landing standing up after a long, slow descent. I don't know ehre it'll go from here - I imagine it's a bit big for a living room, and I bet any museum worth its salt would love to have it. I wouldn't surprised if the Smithsonian expressed interest - it's definitely huge, as perfect as possible, and museum-quality, and I doubt it'll be flown again.

I have a massive headache for which I'm getting fluids and food, and soon rest. Meh. I hate being sick.

It got up to 80 today. Warm weather is nice, but of course it couldn't come on a tennis day....

We were in Massachusetts today visiting family and we went out to a wonderful irish place for dinner. If you ever find yourself in Ayer, check out PJ O'Rourke's. Great bangers and mash (aka sausages and mashed potatoes).

I read a couple of Military thrillers today, including Scimitar SAL-2 by Patrick Robinson, which was good but large print -the only copy available at my library - is a pain - 687 pages for a fairly short book. The other was America by Steven Coonts, which is very good, but it was rather scary when I realized that the main acion of the brand-new super-sub being hijacked was happening at a navy base less than five miles from where I live, and that if the action in that book really did happen, chances are someone I know would lose a parent in the hijacking. Even fictional terror attacks can hit close to home. On the other hand, it's cool to see a local institution mentioned in well-published fiction. There was a paragraph about the base in Scimitar SL-2, and it's been mentioned in a few nonfiction submarine histories, and a local nuclear power plant was referenced in Plum Island, but that's about it.

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