Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally figured this out

So the Aerotech 29/40-120 casing is its own separate system that can be used with the E16W, E23T, F22J, F40W, F52T, G53FJ, G64W, G71R, and G76G reloads, all medium power. The rest of the 29mm RMS system uses the same closures, but can be bought with different tubes - /60, /100, /120, /180, /240, and /360. The 29/60 case can hold the F37W and F62T 'High Power Style' loads, the 29/100 the G54W "High Power Style' and G104T high power loads, the 29/120 the G77R and G79W 'High Power Style' loads, the 29/180 the H128W, H165R, and H238T loads (the minimum and perfect system for L1 certification); the 29/240 the H97J, H210R, and H220T HPR loads, and the 29/360 carries I200W and H268R loads.

I'm currently debating on what system to get. I like my 24/40 system and it fits well with what I have. I have 3 possibilite for what else to get:
1) Get an 18/20 system. It fit most of my current fleet, offers cheap D loads, and is probably the only way for Rama to fly again without major surgery, but it's still not cheap and only has 2 options, which will lose many on my smaller 18mm rockets.
2) Get the 29/40-120 system. It offers lots of flexibility from E16s to G71s and would be a perfect fit for the Mozzie, but It's currently my only 29mm rocket and anything over an E, and probably even Es except in a saucer, are only for CATO luanches, so probably no for this one.
3) Get the 29mm closures and /180 case. It's what I need for my L1 cert, and lets me get lots of power options by just buying the fairly cheap cases. However, it's expensive, requires me to buy new cases for any use at CATO, and again too big for anything but the Mozzie - and I only want to try stuffing that 29/180 case into it once. I'll try to rent. / borrow the case for my cert if I can.

For now, though, I like what I've got, and I just gott work on cleaning my 24/40 case in a car, not a bathroom, so I can use it twice or 3 times in one day at CATO.

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KenKzak said...

Figured what out?
I'm sorry, but it sounds like you're just waffleing.

My 2 cents worth.
Shop for a good price on a 2nd 24/20-60 case. If you fly them enough, you'll lose one or blow one, and you'll be able to make 2 flights before you have to clean a case. I'm on my 4th & 5th case since they hit the market way back when.

The 29/40-120 is a lot more versatile than the smaller RMS 29 cases, even if you're getting the larger ones anyway.

If you want to fly high power, commit to it. Start an L1 bird, and shop for a deal on the 29/180 or 29/240. Get your cert and then start a 2nd rocket...
BTW; with the change in the FAA rules, you can fly a 125g reload without a waiver, once you're legal.

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