Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gnat

My smallest rocket yet! It's a roughly 1/2 downscale (amazingly enough it's possible) of the Estes Mosquito. It's made from 1" of a ballpoint pen, the plastic nib of the pen sanded into the elliptical nose, 3 fins of 1/32" basswood, and about 1/4" of 1/8" launch lug. I got the nose shape pretty good, but the launch lug is twice the size of scale. Oh well.

It's 7mm in diameter, 54mm long, and weighs about 0.6g - the same weight as a MMX motor. I predict boosts to about 120 feet, plus an extra 50-60 feet after ejection due to the combined effects of upwards velocity at ejection and the force of the motor casing being popped out the back. It'll use featherweight recovery, but I doubt I'll be able to find it. Even though it's brightly colored with sharpies in the classic Mosquito scheme, it's still smaller than a 13mm casing and will probabky bury itself nicely in soft ground.

My current Mosquito fleet includes 1/2x (7mm / 6mm motor), 1x (13mm), 3x (BT-60 / 18mm motor), and 5x (2.6" / 29mm motor). I currently have materials to make 1.5x (18mm / 13mm motor), 2x (24mm / 18mm or 13mm motor), and 2.25x (29mm / 18mm or 13mm motor). Four is a nice small fleet, but a fleet of 7 might just get some points in the EMRR contest.

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