Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've had a nasty cold since Sunday - the usual stuffy nose, piles of used kleenexs, general fatigue, etc. It's especially weird for me, since even anithistamines have fairly strong effects on me. Half a dose of 4-6 hour pills makes me mostly very tired - I assume the effects are similar to being stoned, with occasional 15-minute spells of intense concentration and ability. (I did as much work in one of those periods as in the other 1 hr 45 mins in was at work). In addition, they sometimes give me short speels of high - but tolerable and not really painful with closed eyes - light sensitivity.

But that's not the craxy bit. I've also got a stone in one of my salivary ducts. Wikipedia link. Basically, a 2mm wide ball of minerals that is causing some pain and swelling. According to my dad, a dentist, it'll come out painlessly fairly sooon. Like 80 to 90 percent of such stones, it's in the submandibular gland - in the floor of the mouth.

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mandachan said...

i'm sorry but that is disgusting. hope it clears itself up and i'm not there to witness it.