Monday, April 6, 2009

Aerotech F32T thrust curves available

The Thrustcurve page is here, with thrust curves and RASP and Rocksim files. Three interesting bits: first, the burn time is between 1.7 and 1.8 seconds, rather than the 1.6 initially reported; second, the average thrust is actually 34.1N, and third, it has an odd thrust curves, with a high initial peak then leveling out rather than the smoothest ess curve of other composites.

Second, Apogee components has their Rocksim file on their 'newest items' page here.

They've also got a great picture comparing the sizes of the Aerotech D10, D21, E15, E30, F32, G77, G78, and Econojets with the Estes C6 and D12 on their motor page here. I think it's pretty cool how Aerotech colors their writing according to the propellant type.

I got my order of motors and stuff in today. I've now got 2 MMx, 4 1/4A3-3Ts, 3 1/2A3-4Ts, 2 A8-3s, 1 A10-3T, 1 B6-2, 3 B6-4s, 5 C6-0s, 4 C6-3s, 4 D12-0s, 2 D15-4T reloads, 1 D21-7T, 3 E18-4W reloads, and 2 F32-4Ts, for a total of 37 motors and 468.9 Ns (47% I). I'm storing some of the world's most advanced composite-propellant motors in a shoebox. How ironic.

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