Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WAC Corporal

It's finished and flight-ready.. just needs some paint.
She's 13.25" long, .54" in diameter, and therefore roughly a 1:21.8 scale model. This guy is crazy enough to build a full-scale one though: a foot in diameter and 24'1" long. Using the data from here, I can calculate the motor types (equivalent) of the original:
Tiny Tim booster: 222kN for 0.6s = 133200 Ns, or a Q222000 (62.6% Q)(solid fuel; that much energy in that short a time period is basically a barely controlled explosion. No wonder those things made good ground-attack rockets in WWII)
WAC Corporal: 6.7kN for 47s = 314900 Ns, or an R6700 (92.2% R) (liquid-fuel; this burnt very slowly like a hybrid motor)

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