Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Gonna spend a bunch on rocketry soon:
Madcow 2.6" Mozzie: a 4.88x upscale of the classic tiny Estes kit. It takes 29mm motors but will fly on stuff as small as a D12-3. That means I can fly it to 200 feet and get it back for 3 bucks at the local field, on an E15 or E30 to 700 feet at CATO, or an F (1200 feet, risky but safe with the 18" chute) or a G if I'm crazy, or even an H to around 3000 feet at a BIG HPR field.

Bunch o' tubes: 6x 18" 13mm, 6x 18" 18mm, 6x 18" 24mm, 6x 13" 29mm. All for 26 bucks.
Bunch o' rings: 10.5mm/13mm, 10.5mm/18mm, 13mm/18mm, 18mm/24mm, and 24mm/29mm centering rings; 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 29mm couplers; and 1/8" and 1/4" launch lugs. All the stuff I need for proper motor mounts and maybe a 24mm superroc.
Plus a 3-pack of 24mm nose cones for being an NAR member and a 32" plastic parachute, which is not only the largest plastic parachute available for model rockets but too big for any or my current rockets...good for a 29mm saucer maybe, to see how slow I can get something to come down and still recover safely.

D12-3 - for the Mozzie
E30-4 - a Blue Thunder kick for the Mozzie

That's 23 motors, 1 rocket, 402 inches of body tube, a bunch of rings and things, 3 nose cones, and one big-ass chute, for around 150 bucks total including shipping. I've had good experiences with Hobbylinc on two previous orders and Apogee is renowned for its customer service, so I'll have all my junk within about 2 weeks.

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The EGE said...

*GRUMBLE* My computer updated itself this morning, which means both shopping carts got emptied.... I hate having to do it again...