Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monocopters, saucers, and the SpaceBusII

My awesome Tiny Tim/WAC Corporal scale model. It's about 13.25" long and will fly on 1/2A3-4Ts, and maybe 1/4As and full As if it's calm and visibility is good (for the As). The protrusion on the right of the WAC Corporal is the raceway, which carried electronic cables on the real thing, and would make for a prefect location for staging electronics wires on a larger staged version. Note the translucent 6mm tubing I used for the interstage section.
My 13mm and 18mm monocopters (the Whirling Dervish and the Whirling Twirling Tornado of Flame and Death and Doom) and the 13mm saucer. All can fly in my yard on full As.

The new SpaceBusII. Space bus nose cone, 19mm tube from a kitbashed Totally Tubular, a bit of 18mm tubing from the OV10, the original Space Bus fins, and the 13mm motor mount tubing. It'll fly well on 1/4As and 1/2As of all delays, plus maybe an A3-4t if I'm daring. Out of a tiny bit of superstition I'll never fly it on an A10-3T as that's what killed the original Space Bus.
Its novel recovery scheme. The 19mm tubing slides smoothly off the 18mm tubing at ejection al the two parts fall separately. The fin/motor unit is like a booster stage and tumbles, while the nose/body section is halfway stable but comes in slow and spinning.
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