Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mozzie Finished!

Well, except for the paint job....

I got all three fins glued on - solid, with lots of wood glue - and the launch lugs on. They're 1/4" lugs, but I placed them far enough apart that it won't wobble too much on my 3/16" rod. I also tied on the nose cone with a double square knot and threaded the parachute and protector onto the thick nylon chock cord. It's roughly 20" tall, about 11oz unloaded, and ready for paint. It's almost exactly a 5x upscale of the original mosquito. It'll fly to about 300 feet on a D12-3 or about 450 on a D12-0 / D12-3 combo. (I've changed my TIRASP-93 to sim 2-stage rockets).

I've also repaired the 2 broken-off fins from the Orbital Transport (from a launch yesterday, report coming) and reglued its engine mount.

The Alexi Leonov has a new 18mm motor mount with one reused centering ring and one new one made from cardboard.

I've been working on a scale WAC Corporal / Tiny Tim with a 13mm motor mount from plans from the NAR guidebook. I've got the fins and body tubes cut, the motor mount assembled, a shock cord and streamer ready, and the complex interstage coupler done. It's made of 2 pieces of 13mm motor casing, 3 sections of 1/16" dowel (a toothpick), masking tape, and 6mm tube - in this case, a translucent piece from an old floss dispenser. I'd already made the balsa nosecone about 3 weeks ago.

Now on to do that launch report...

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