Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visual Simulation Program

I've written a neat program for TI-84 series calculators to visually simulate the appearance of rockets. It can do conical and ogive nose cones, body tubes, transition sections and tail cones, quadrilateral and triangular fins, gaps in the body, and side pods with nose and tail cones. I can sim stuff up to 37.5 units long. I've managed to do odd stuff like multistaged rockets like Comanche-3 and Alexi Leonov, top views of gliders, a nice-looking Patriot, and even really cool ones like the old Estes Trident.
If anyone wants the code, drop me a line with a comment or my email as linked at the bottom, and I'll send you a text file with the code.
Next comes code for launch lugs, glider hooks, and pods on one rather than both sides of the body.

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