Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Launch Report #18

I am one crazy bastard. I flew an untested rocket with an untested ignition system. In my yard, which is far too small to fly an A3-4T in. In a blinding snowstorm. I have found the zen of winter rocketry.
My rationale: I wanted to test the new ignition system I built. I had to do it in my yard as the roads were nasty. I didn't have any MMX motors; the smallest I had were A8-3, A3-4T, and A10-3Ts. I didn't want to fly my 18mm saucer cause on an A8-3, which I have too many of, it'd go about 20 feet and that's boring. So I decided to build a monocopter, a funky thing with a motor on one side and a tilted wing on the other.... check out the collection on EMRR here. All it took was an index card for the motor tube, a few pieces of balsa, and a drilled hole for the launch lug... And I have the whirling dervish.
I set up real quick to fly it. I used a 2" long piece of 1.8" metal rod for the launch rod... monocopters don't need much. It ignited quickly, spin rapidly, rose to 2 feet off the ground, and landed 10 feet from the pad. I turns out, between a too-small wing and catching on the pad, it ripped part of the base off its mountings, flung it 5 feet, and burnt out before it could go very high. A bit of krazy glue and the base is fine. The Whirling Dervish will fly again, on an A10-3T for a faster start and more altitude, witha larger wing to get it off the pad, and a straw underneath on a slightly longer rod so it won't hit the pad.
So far: 335.2 Ns (4.75% I) total. just about the same per-flight and per-motor.

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