Thursday, February 12, 2009


I got most of it back...
This morning I noted that it wasn't in the tree.....This afternoon I went and got it out of the bushes. The main body is undamaged. The motor as usual took a while to get out, but the rest of the body is undamaged except for a few missing decals and a broken shock cord mount. The shock cord didn't break, but merely pulled out of the paper mount. This means the nose cone and chute will stay up for a while. Fortunately, both are waterproof - only the rubber band shock cord and cotton shroud lines - which are replacable and them breaking will free the rest from the tree. If I can at least get the nose cone back, then SS1 will fly again. If not, And I can't get a replacement cheap, then it'll be retired. Unless... I get another one, use the extra tail cone as a tube coupler to lengthen it, and have an extra-long SS1.

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