Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Life

Computer is still kinda touchy, so I'm using my parents' desktop.
1) I cut the booster tubes for the Orbital Fatass and glued them in - now all I gotta do is glue the wings on, attach the nose cone and chute, and fly. Update at 8:15 pm: It's the wings are glued on and I moved the glider hook assembly so it'll be more stable and the glider won't flop around so much. The shock cord mount is currently gluing...
2) Repaired the motor mount on Gauchito; it'll fly soon on an A10-3T.
3) I gotta get a pack of MMX and a pack of 1/4A3-3Ts for my smaller rockets
4) Aerotech has opened their Value Rockets web store. They're trying to bring mid-power composite motors to the masses and I think it's awesome:
3-packs of D10-3/5/7s and D21-4/7s for 15.90 (18mm)
3-packs of E15-4/7/Ps and E30-4/7s for 18.90 (24mm)
18/20 RMS hardware for 29.90
24/40 RMS hardware for 34.90
24/60 RMS hardware for 39.90
18/20 reload 3-packs for 7.90
24/40: 16.90 for D, 22.90 for E, and 26.90 for F 3-packs
24/60: 19.90 for 2-packs of F reloads
Plus a complete starter set with Mantis pad (normally $115 alone), launch controller, and 29mm rockets for 99.90
5) My motor order came today. Except for the E30-4 which is out of stock and was just taken off my motor. I guess I'll just get a 3-pack instead...
6) Between the Orbital Fatass booster tubes, new motor mount for the Gauchito, the Mosquito, and a few other things, I've already used 18" of BT-5. Wow.
More later.


mandachan said...

and now for some legitimate comments (or at least i consider them legit):
1. sorry for being a jerk earlier.
2. you would be like a little kid in a candy store if the tooth fairy brought you all that rocketry stuff (and before you even ask, NO.)
3. what's BT-5?
4. (hee hee 4 :D) i'm still wondering how your rocketry package of "utter awesomeness" came already and i'm still waiting for my letter. it's not like he dropped off the face of the earth and they can't find him.

mandachan said...

and one last thing: i only got mad 'cause you have a bad tendency to get cocky when your blog gets brought up and i'm jealous of all your views and the lack of mine. but you can't tell me it's 'cause of my formatting issues (laura read it and she said they weren't distracting at all 'cause she didn't even notice the lack of capitalization or run-on sentences)

The EGE said...

BT-5 is 13mm (0.54") tubing for model rockets.

mandachan said...

oh. tubing. that makes sense.
you gotta invite me to the next launch, k?