Monday, February 9, 2009

New Quest NE MMX Motors

Apparently Quest has introduced a new type or MicroMaxx motor called NE-no ejection. It appears to be a plugged motor for saucer-type models like IT, rather than a full booster motor. It's already NAR certified and only sold through Quest's website.I can't imagine too much of a market for it in MMX-only models, as being plugged limits its use to saucers and clusters (cause there's no way a MMX motor could lift staging electronics) or maybe really advanced stuff like rocket gliders or monocopters. However, It'd make a perfect outboard in a cluster of stuff like the Saturn 1B and V and hte Russian N1 / proton type boosters. Except for the scale models, I can't picture it having a heck of a lot of contest use. Still, I'm glad to see development with the 6mm motors. Especially since they come with actual Quest Q2 pyrogen-tipped igniters rather than the hard-to-fire hot wire igniters the normal ones come with.

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