Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big motors in little rockets

There seems to be a trend of taking small, fat rockets designed for small motors and sticking really big motors in them. A selection of modded Estes kits:
Patriot: 18mm to 24mm
Bullpup: 18mm to 24mm
Big Daddy: 24mm to 29mm: #1, #2, #3
Baby Bertha: 18mm to 24mm
Super Big Bertha: 24mm to 38mm
Fat Boy: 18mm to 29mm
Fat-Ass-Tron Sprint: a Fat Boy converted to use 38mm motors to push it into the transonic range
Beg Bertha: modified to use "Pitfield" motors, which were fairly large E blackpowder motors labeled as Fs. They included an F72-0 (really E15-0) booster motor.
Big Bad Bertha: A Big Bertha modified to use 38mm motors and to go supersonic.
I hope to add to those ranks with my modified Big Bertha, which'll use 24mm and 29mm motors.

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mandachan said...

i'd still like to see you either put rocket motors on a tonka truck and send that flying down the road or hook some humonsterous motors to a wagon and send yourself flying down the road. not in a mean way, of course, i'm just saying that it would be really interesting to watch something that big get launched. and it's a quick fix for not having much for go-kart tracks around here