Saturday, February 28, 2009

Launch Report #23

I launched 2 MMX rockets in the dark today... they flew fine, but both flew off into the dark grey yonder. I'll find em tomorrow.

First was the Hummingbird on its first flight since October. The two fins I added helped it fly straighter than before, but it ejected about 60 feet up and 40 away, and I never saw either part come down even with all the outside lights on. I found the pod in the street later, but the glider is in hiding.

Second was my cloned Mosquito on a MMX. It flew to 60+, ejected a bit higher, and I never saw it again. The engine pod/adapter landed on the street, but I didn't find it.

Both the main body of the Mosquito are definitely not on the street (the pod is easy to remake), so they'll be safe from cars if not the snow and rain that's a-comin'...

Still at 29.1% I, but down a bit on the flight stats, but not enough change to mention. Good night.

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