Monday, February 2, 2009

Launch Report #17

It got up to 48° yesterday, so I celebrated by going out and flying more rockets. I flew 6 rockets on 6 motors on 6 flights; no 2-stage flights and only my glider separated.
All of these pictures but two have been modified with the 'I'm feeling lucky' process in Picasa; it makes the picture clearer but slightly off in color and texture and sacrifices some detail. As always, click to embiggen.
First came Jinx on an A10-3T; a prefect flight to about 250 ft, although the chute didn't deploy, it was just fine.
Second came my Glider #2 on an A8-3. This is too long a delay for it, but I didn't want to risk it on a C6-3 and I was out of B6-2s. I but a spacer in the hook so it stays on the pod all the way to ejection; this worked well.

It arced over after about 2 seconds of delay, ejected nicely at around 150 feet, and separated cleanly; in 4 flights I've never had a red baron - tangle - with this pod even though it's rather short. The glider flew well - about 15 seconds and 300 linear feet - and I caught it perfectly half a second before landing.

My Rokit - a joke made out of an old engine casing and fins that look taped on - flew nicely on a A10-3T despite its weight; it'd estimate 250 feet or so. The string shock cord snapped below the streamer; the body came in ballistic while the nose cone came down slowly on the streamer. I replaced the shock cord with 1/4" elastic and took 1/4" of crushed tubing off the top of the body.

Here's it just building up thrust about 0.05 second after ignition. This is the unmodified version...
And this the filtered version. Notice how the processing made the picture more aesthetically pleasing but because of the single very bright spot made the rocket very dark and made the picture a tad grainy.

Next came the Wizard on an A8-3. I managed to track it all the way to apogee, ejection, and back; before I had never done that even on an A8-3. I will soon drill out an 18mm casing to accept 13mm motors to fly it on a 1/2A3-2/4T. The 2-second delay will be too short; the -4 too long. I'll get the -2 pack so I can fly them in the Jinx and Gauchito.

OV10 on the pad.....

And again... I had to position the clothespin perfectly so it wouldn't snag the tail; I had to readjust it twice bacause of the wind, which by that time was around 5 mph in gusts.
It boosted straight and fast on a B6-2, but the pod didn't slide back and it came in ballistic. I'll have to reglue the engine block, nose cone, and both centering rings, but everything is ok. I might modify it so the pod will lock better in glide position.

The newly rebuilt Screaming Yellow Zonker! on the pad. The spin fin is the one behind on the left; the launch lug is behind the fin on the right - I didn't want to put it originally on the spinning sustainer - now the yellow main body - for fear of unbalancing it.

The unmodified version of it under full thrust on the pad..
And modified. The igniter is still burning fiercely! I plan to buy a cheap tarp to ward against grass fires during the summer. Since the rocket is mmoving around 30 mph and it moved about 1.5" during the picture, I can deduce that the shutter speed on the DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is about 1/250th of a second on the action setting.
The SYZ! made a nice thop-thop-thop sound during boost and it spun all the way up till ejection. It boosted fairly straight despite the wind - a trademark of spun rockets - to around 800 feet or so. Ejection was nice, around apogee but I'm not sure as it was just a black dot. The streamer unfurled nicely and it landed about 400 feet away, just 30 feet from the menacing treeline. I think a B6-4 will be a better match for this for a nice spin but safer, closer landings.
Since September 29, 2008, I have flown 32 distinct rockets - 29 rockets and 3 boosters that don't go with a certain rocket - on 56 flights on 73 motors for 333.32 total Ns - almost exactly 1/3 of the way to 1000 and a 4.2% I total impulse. That's 4.57 Ns (82.8% B) per motor and 5.95 Ns (19% C) per flight.

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