Sunday, February 1, 2009

Notes From the Lab

Did a lot in the last few hours...

1) Made a 2-caliber parabolic 18mm balsa nose cone for the Orbital Transport. Pretty good, but about half a millimeter lopsided.

2) Made a small hollow balsa tail cone for the glider to replace the paper shroud in the original. Again, a bit lopsided but nice-looking.

3) Sanded and CA-sealed the BNC-20 I bought for the OV10 but have since replaced. I'll use it on something that doesn't put a lot of stress on the nose cone, i.e, doesn't glide.

4) Made 3 13mm and 10 6mm engine blocks out of old motor casings and dowels. The 6mm ones require drilling out a 1/4" dowel with a 9/64" drill bit... tricky. The secret is to spin the dowel in a drill and hand-hold the bit.

5) Combined wood glue, balsa sawdust, and water to make a paste. Put it inside an 18mm casing to try and made an artificial wood bulkhead.

6) Mixed old motor nozzles, water, and some carbon from the motors. It smells nasty. Put outside to set.

7) Print out balsa fin pattern, cut dowel, launch lug, connector tube for the Orbital Transport. I've now got the main body tube, BNC-50, motor mount, launch lug, glider tube, glider NC, glider tail cone / fake nozzle; dowel, tube and standoff for connecting glider and booster; and the 4 ramjet tubes ready. Balsa cutting tomorrow.

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