Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mach My Day - New Colors!

I did some color work on my machbuster - red forward body, and red, yellow, and black alternating opposite their colored fins on the lower section. That should make it easier to spot on descent if it survives.
I also put my address, name, email, and this blog's address on it... so if you happen to find a small; red-white-yellow-and black rocket either near Ledyard Middle School field or near White's Farm in Durham, drop me a line.
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NICK said...

Nice look... I hope you do find it after such a powerful flight!

The EGE said...

Heh. Finding it is the least of my worries. First I gotta convince the RSO to let me fly it - it's staically unstable due to the tiny fins but probably dynamically stable due the the huge amount of airflow over the fins and the high speed - over 50 mph - off the launch rod. Then I gotta figure out how to hook up a copperhead. I'll just put a load of chalk powder in it and hope I see it again. Either way, I'll put a review up on EMRR.
There's lots of 24mm and 29mm machbusters on there, but this'll be the first 18mm.