Friday, February 27, 2009

Master List of my rockets (currently)

  • Pen rocket: pretty much self-descriptive. Made from a Bic pen.
  • IT: The famous Flying Drainplug; a plastic saucer-type craft.
  • RNGbane the Valkyrie: rear-motored weight-ejection canard-delta boost-glider; needs a new canard fin.
  • Hummingbird: front-motored pop-pod boost-glider.

  • Gauchito: Short, fat, Little Joe-esque scale model of an X-prize contender. One of my older rockets.
  • Jinx: Garish purple plastic and washable; my fifth-grade teacher found it while cleaning her desk and gave it to me cause she knew I liked em. It's the only 13mm rocket that I've used as an upper stage.
  • Cohete: The bastard child of several rockets and dowels; a little stick-finned wonder.
  • 13mm Saucer: Simplest rocket ever. 1.5" of BT-5, a 13mm centering ring, and a bit of posterboard. Flies to about 60 feet on full As.
  • Whirling Dervish: My lowest and nastiest rocket. Flies to about 10 feet at 10 rps.
  • *WAC Corporal: Brand new and freshly painted. One of the only complex models I've evr built from just a plans sheet and parts list.
  • *Mosquito: A clone of the original. It'll fly mainly on MMX and 1/4A3s.
  • Rokit: the joke rocket that's a 13mm motor mount inside a D12 casing.
  • *SpaceBusII: A semi-clone of my second rocket using its nose cone and fins and featuring break-apart / tumble recovery and handdrawn graphics.

  • Cosmic Cobra: My first rocket with a autogyro nose cone and the now-gliding booster. After 7+ flights, still as good as ever.
  • Wizard: minimum diameter sport model; one of my first rockets.
  • Astrocam: the famous camera rocket. The motor mount is beat up and the camera is questionable, but it still flies.
  • Mongoose: shortened, high-flying 2-stager. One of my most-flown rockets.
  • Bullpup: my first scale model and the one that introduced me to gliding boosters. Also, its building is the source of the nasty scar on my left thumb.
  • Orbital Transport: survived one me-induced crash. I really oughta paint it one of these days.
  • SpaceshipOne: it survived its visit with the local flora with only a few missing decals (plus the chute still up there) and now it's almost ready to fly again.
  • Screaming Yellow Zonker!: my best-named and coolest-sounding rocket by far.
  • Hi: 18mm generic booster. Flown at least 6 times.
  • 18mm saucer: goes nowhere on a B6, but rocks on top of my 24mm saucer.
  • Whirling Twirling Tornado of Flame and Death and Doom: my 18mm monocopter; seriously underpowered on an A8.
  • Rama: The amazing underpowered understable widebody high-drag scale-ish monster; perfect fit for a composite D.
  • Frankenstein: a SPEV named after the Edgar Winter song, it'll fly to half a maile on a D12-0/C6-0/C6-7 load using a CHAD stage and the Vampire booster.
  • Cloud Hopper: my semi-clone up-powered Goonybird replica.
  • Pigasus: my original-design Goonybird; like the Cloud Hopper it was formerly a Baby Bertha.
  • GBU-24 Paveway III: A nice scale model I got for Christmas. It was the testbed for my homemade 12" chute.
  • Alexi Leonov: 2-staged payload-hauling Estes Loadstar.
  • Glider: generic boost pod; capable of lofting one of several gliders.
  • Astron Invader: downscaled and overpowered circular boost glider; it does rather spectacular aerobactics.
  • Transwing: big, heavy flop-wing glider. probably the best glide ratio of all my rockets.
  • Scissor-Wing Transport: Classy scissor-wing glider with decent altitude performance but a poor glide.
  • *Mach My Day: 18mm machbuster that goes faster than the bullets from that .45 Magnum.
  • Comanche-3: 3-stage longneck rocket that I'll probably never get the sustainer back from on 3 stages.
  • Vampire: red-and-black booster stage for heavy rockets, or those like Frankenstein intended to be lost.
  • 24mm saucer: my largest-diameter rocket at 13" in diameter.
  • *Mozzie: 5x MPR upscale of the classic kit. It'll fly mostly on D12s and 24mm reloads. My first 2.6" rocket.

Total:39, with all but 5 flown.

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