Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've got most of a rocket simulation program done. It can calculate the basic flight parameters on a variety of motors using RASP-93 code from the Handbook of Model Rocketry, calculate descent speed, time aloft, and drift on recovery, and display time-thrust curves for a variety of motors. Plus, my previous design program is integrated, as will be CP calculations soon. So far I have A6, A8, B4, B6, C6, and D21 18mm motors and D12, E15, and E30 24mm motors. I'll add 6mm MMX, 13mm 1/4A3, 1/2A3, A3, and A10, 18mm D10, and 24mm E6 and E9s soon. The simulator seems fairly accurate. It took few revisions to work perfectly: rearranging the motor selection so the thrust data would be routed properly, adjusting the algorithm to match time and thrust, and a few other minor tweaks. Except for a different and smaller motor set, it matches the behavior of RASP-93 perfectly. All in about 3K of memory. If anyone has a TI-84 or 83, maybe an 89, then I'll be glad to send you a text file with the code.

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mandachan said...

dang i got all excited 'cause i thought you did an alex post. ha, silly me.

although i converted katie over to "the dark side", so watch out >:)