Sunday, January 31, 2010

That's a lot of motor

I ordered just 13 motors that came on friday, and 9 of them were blackpowder. But they pack quite a punch:

The 9 D12 motors, at 16.8 Ns (Newton-seconds) each, have a total of 151.2 Ns. That's in the upper range of 'G' motor impulse - one more D12 would push it into the high-power range. In fact, At 10.2 N average thrust, 9 motors equals 91.8 N average thrust, and 9 motors with 21g of propellant each equals 189g of propellant; both of those figures would make it a 'High-Power' rocket if they were lauched as a 9-motor cluster.

Fortunately, I only use 4 at a time, which equals a mid-range (67.2 Ns) F41 motor.

2 F35Ws at 57.1 Ns and 30g of propellant each, 1 G53FJ at 60g and 90.9 Ns, and 1 G64W at 63g and 118.8 Ns equals 323.9 Ns (just into 'I' range) and 183g of propellant of composite motors.

Added to the 9 D12s, that's a whopping total of 372g (13.1 oz) of propellant with a total impulse of 475.1 Ns, which works out to the total equivalent of a mid-range I motor.

Now that's a lot of motor.

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