Monday, January 18, 2010

Massive Rocket Order

I've been waiting for a while to make an order from Hobbylinc, so this one had a lot of stuff:

LOC Viper IV kit
3 packs of Estes D12-5

The Viper is an awesome 4x24mm cluster kit; there's almost a dozen of them at CATO, and almost every month they get drag-raced. The 3 packs equal 2 flights plus a spare.

24/60 RMS system
1 pack of F35-8W reloads

There's more loads coming out soon for the 24/60, and the 24/120 will share the rear closure and possibly the forward closure. They're also the cheapest F laods around, and 50% more impulse than 24/40 F loads. They'll be a good match for the Mozzie, the Quaddy, and the Nike-Apache.

G53-7FJ load
G64-7W load

Two loads for my 29/40-120 motor case. I like the smoky Black Max (FJ) and White Lightning (W) laods.

Estes wadding

It's a pain, but ya gotta have it...

29mm motor tube 34" long
1/4" launch lugs

The motor tube is for future projects, especially a 29mm saucer, and I need the quarter-inch lugs for larger rockets.

First Fire Jr. igniters (6)

Because I always need spares for malfunctioning igniters, and the FFJrs are so much easier to use than Copperheads.

18mm balsa nose cone

For the Mach My Day II: a better-designed 18mm machbuster that will actually be stable and hit Mach on a D21-7T.

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