Sunday, January 17, 2010

Multi-Goon Color Schemes

I've come up with no less than 12 possible designs for the Multi-Goon. They're mostly split into multi-colored designs (since it's the Multi-Goon) and cool-looking designs. Please choose one (or a few) designs and leave your preference in the comments. Thanks.

#12 is done in the style of the old Estes multi-roc which was the inspiration for the name.
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Dick said...

#9, but with the bottom of the fins gray. This is likely the most unique (and hardest).

R2K said...

I like 8 - black is my first choice for rocket color, but I love the red under the fins rather than just solid black.

All of my rockets are black body and orange or green nose cone, so I always look for mostly black and simple other colors. I think it makes the rocket look dignified, plus black looks better in flight than bright colors.

The EGE said...

I like #8 myself - #9 might be rather difficult due to the ridiculous amount of masking required.