Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quaddy Pictures

See, from the outside, it looks just like a normal Big Daddy, or at leats it will once paint covers up the white fins:

But, when you look in the business end, it's a lot different. The four fins are coated with white tissue paper, and the motor mount has been upgraded to 29mm. The grey blob in the southwest corner is the threaded rod for motor retention.

The front end looks different as well. The long skinny tube is the baffle tube, which redirects the force of the ejection charge through the hole in the nose cone, pushing it off without burning the parachute. (The pink seen inside the nose cone is the 3 ounces of clay at its tip).

I just can't wait to fly the Quaddy. First flight will be on a D12-3 or E18-4, but I'm planning to buy a few F24 reloads, and eventually I plan to fly it on a G75J-M, which should take it to around 2400 feet according to Openrocket. On a calm day, I can recover that at Salem. Of course, the next time I head out to NERRF, it's flying on something bigger than that. An H128W or H165R. Ironically, even though the H128 and H165 have a little more total impulse (power) than the G75, because the G75 has a lower average thrust and longer burn time, it'll actually launch the Quaddy a little higher.

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