Monday, January 4, 2010

BSD on the mend

Back in June 2008, Scott Ulrey of Just Rockets (which owns BSD, home of the awesome Thor kit), had an accident with a saw which nearly caused the loss of three fingers and a thumb. At the same time, he was being sued by his estranged wife, which caused him to have to liquidate Just Rockets's inventory (though he kept the legal rights to the name and such).

However, things are looking up. In his post on this thread on TRF, he writes that he's got "only 4.3 fingers on the left but all five on the right...for now", and that he hopes to be done with the arduous divorce proceedings and truly single by march or april.

Even better, he hopes to be producing kits again by spring. If this is able to happen, then I may well help by ordering a 3" Thor, cause it's a pretty cool kit.

Welcome back, Scott.

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