Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cesaroni Pro24!

Via TRF comes the news that Cesaroni is planning to come out with Pro24 motors.

According to the CTI website, they'll share other common attributes of the ProX system, including easy assembly, adjustable delays, and instant-on ignition.

On Rocketry Planet, Jerome of CTI pointed out not to put engine blocks in 24mm rockets, implying that the cases will be long.

Aerotech, meanwhile, is continuing its plans for world domination awesomeness with new loads for the 24/60 and 24/120 cases and 24mm SU motors, in Redline, White Lightning, Black Jack, and Blue Thunder flavors.

New motors: always a win!

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R2K said...

This is so exciting! A small Imax H motor would be great!