Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Epoxy Clay!

I finally got around to using the epoxy clay for building today.

I freakin' love this stuff. It's all the benefits of epoxy (delayed curing, rock-solid bond) without the usual problems (dangerous vapors, single-use dispensers,, runniness) plus the special benefits of the clay - that it can be shaped into anything you want, even odd shapes, and that it can be used as instant nose weight. It's not cheap - 15 bucks from Apogee for 4oz worth - but it's well worth it to have hanging around.

First, I broke off six little tiny pieces, and used a wooden skewer to push them right up against the hinges on the Heli-roc. Now the single weakest joints on the rocket are solidly reinforced, and the hinges can still swing freely.

Next, I used a little blob to secure the motor hook in place on the Multi-Goon. Once it dries tomorrow, that'll conclude building on it, and I'll paint it once the weather warms up. So far, I'm not quite sure how to paint it. Possibly black; possibly with all 12 fins painted different colors, and possibly completely different. Suggestions are welcome. Pictures will come once it's painted.

Then came the motor retention rod on the Quaddy. It's now secured solidly to the motor mount, and it's placed perfectly - up on a riser so as to clear thrust rings, and long enough to accomodate the monster 29/180 motor case.

Finally, I had a little blob of extra. I moulded one end of the Quaddy's shock cord into it, then stuck it on the inside of the body tube, far enough down to clear both the nose cone shoulder and the motor mount. Instant shock cord mount? Hells yes.

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