Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Quaddy building

I got lots more done today.

I finished the fins with a layer of glue and cut the fin tabs shorter (to accomodate the 29mm motor mount), then sanded the outside edges smooth. I'll finish the edges tomorrow.

I cut a 3" length of allthread for the motor retention. I'm planning to use some epoxy clay soon, for the motor hook on the Multi-Goon and the hinges on the Heli-roc, and I'll use the clay to attach the rod to the motor mount.

I piled a bunch of clay and airgun bullets - about 3 ounces worth - into the nose cone of the Quaddy, and packed it all down with a metal rod. That way, it'll be stable even on the 29mm Gs and Hs.

I cut the centering rings to accomodate the 29mm tube. I'm still not sure if I need to reinforce them or not.

Finally, I built the baffle system. I found a leftover 8" length of 18mm tubing and glued tp the end of it an 18/24 ring, a 1/4" piece of 24mm tubing, and an 24/29 ring. That way, it'll glue right into the forward end of the motor tube. I used 18mm tubing instead of 24mm tubing because the hole in the nose cone is slightly off-center due to the plastic eye for attachment, and 24mm tubing would have to be bent whle 18mm tubing remains straight.

I also finally glued the shock cord into the Multi-Goon and superglued the launch lug on. After the epoxy clay, all I need is paint (any suggestions?) and it's ready to fly. First flight will prolly be on 3x A8-3s.

Ugh, back to school tomorrow.

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