Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aerotech Sparkies!

According to their Facebook page, Aerotech will be releasing sparkies soon.

This. Is. Awesome.

For those not familiar with rocketry, sparky motors have titanium mesh (sponge) embedded in the propellant, so as to produce a shower of golden sparks in the exhaust. It's incredibly loud and incredibly cool:

(Image from SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society; it's John Hansel's Nike Smoke on an M1730)

There's actually been a bit of contention lately about sparky G motors which I don't understand; if you want to try to figure it out than I refer you to Dick Stafford. I'm really not sure how AT sparkies fit in, other than it removes some of the argument that they would want to limit sparkies because they didn't make them.

All I know is this: more motor choices = good, possibly flying sparkies with my Aerotech hardware = good, and that I hope to be able to fly sparkies at CATO (no more than G impulse) someday.


Dick said...

Here's my feeble understanding. Assuming NAR gets its way, there essentially will not be any modroc sparkies because the metal particles used in the commercially available motors are larger than will be allowed. They hope/plan to set the stage for all these noncompliant sparkies (G and under) will be covered by next year's revision to the HPR code. This means a cert would be required and launches would have to follow the HPR codes, including set-off distance, etc.

I could be wrong and who knows what changes will really be added.

Dick said...

And yessss, more options/vendors are better :)